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What to do after your MLD session

Everyone reacts differently to manual lymphatic drainage. In an MLD session we are kickstarting the lymphatic system but it will be working on overdrive for the next 24-72 hours, meaning that over the next few days, you may notice some changes in your body.

Here's what to expect and how best to care for yourself in the days following your session:

The body is working harder than usual

-You may feel fatigued after your session. If this is the case, give yourself permission to rest

-Avoid strenuous activity for the rest of the day after your session

-Eat a nourishing meal after your session to give your body the energy it needs to do the work. I recommend a meal high in fiber (unless, of course, you have dietary restrictions against it)

-Go to bed early after your session if you can

Lymph drainage is moving fluid through then out of your body

-You may be peeing more after the session, experience an increased frequency and/or intensity in bowel movements or notice more sweating after your session

-STAY HYDRATED!! Drink more water than usual. Add in electrolytes to your water if you have a favorite source, or squeeze a lemon, lime or other fruit into your water to increase absorption

-Avoid substances that further dehydrate you (alcohol, caffeine, highly processed foods)

Lymph flows through movement and breath

-If you feel crappy after a session, doing some light movement (like joint mobility, going for a walk, gentle yoga) paired with deep breathing will help move things along

Notice how you feel

-Everyone reacts differently to the work and you may react differently in different sessions. Always let the body be the guide and check in with how you are feeling in the days following the session.

-Trust and honor the signals you are getting from your body

Experiencing unpleasant symptoms can unfortunately be a part of the journey when working with the lymph system. It is normal to have some type of reaction, and these reactions are the body's way of telling us that it is working hard to process that lymph and eliminate waste. Heavy detox symptoms are a sign we may have overdone it a bit and should go for a little less time next time. Take note of how you are feeling and as we continue working together, we will most likely see that bar start to shift as the system starts to work more effectively.

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